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Newlyweds Photo Op Ends In Lifeboat Rescue

One thing you really don’t want to end up doing in your wedding dress is being hoisted into a lifeboat. However, for one unlucky couple this summer, a romantic wedding shoot on the beach nearly ended in disaster. The Mirror reports that newlyweds Shaniya and Sohil were posing by the sea in Wales, when they got cut off by the tide.

The couple had been married in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, and they decided to take a stroll with their photographer to Sully Island, which is located off the south Wales coast, and looks out towards the Bristol Channel.

Sully Island is a site of special scientific interest, and can reached by foot from Penarth when the tide is out. However, the couple became carried away gazing into each other’s eyes, and didn’t notice that the tide was cutting them off from the mainland until it was too late to walk back.

The stranded party had to call the RNLI to their rescue, and fortunately, the crew saw the funny side of the situation. Shaniya’s beautiful dress also escaped unharmed.

Shaniya said: ''As soon as they got there, they were like 'congratulations this is a first. We've never had to rescue a bridal party before. They were laughing and joking with us the whole day, it probably made their day to be honest. They were absolutely amazing about the whole thing, even trying their hardest not to get my outfit dirty."

No doubt the happy couple will have a good wedding tale to tell for the rest of their lives, as well as some very special photographs to look back on! A much easier and safer way to create some fun and memorable moments at your wedding is to hire a Magic Mirror Photobooth in Buckinghamshire!

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