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The History Of The Magic Mirror

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The magic mirror is a new type of photo booth hire that brings even more people together to have fun, see themselves take hilarious and meaningful pictures and make eternal memories of a fantastic event, conference or wedding.

However, the magic mirror’s origins span much further than that, weaved through generations of fairy tales, including the most famous tale of all: Snow White.

Many of us know about the magic mirror, which tells the Evil Queen who is the fairest of them all, but fewer people know that Snow White, the Evil Queen and even the Magic Mirror, are all based loosely on real people and events that became magical through the power of storytelling.

The mirror in question was known as a ‘Talking Mirror’ and these were a highly popular gift given by and to the courts and stately homes of Europe in the 18th century.

The mirrors were made in Lohr am Main, a region of Bavaria in Germany known for its elegant craftsmanship, and the most famous example was owned by Claudia Elizabeth von Reichenstein, the stepmother of Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von und zu Erthal.

The mirror would primarily ‘talk’ through aphorisms carved into the frame, which granted them a reputation of always speaking the truth. That, along with Claudia Elizabeth’s domineering reputation and disdain for children outside of her first marriage, were the building blocks for the fairy tale.

The Brothers Grimm were writers who commonly would write down the stories they had heard from people in the area, and whilst there is no certainty, the Spressart Museum believe strongly that the story of Snow White is heavily based on the story of Maria Sophia.

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