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3 Guaranteed Ways your guests will love your dream wedding

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Weddings are a fantastic atmosphere, such a joyful occasion celebrating love and sharing the precious moments with all your close friends and family. It can be difficult for your guests as they wont know everyone there. There are the awkward introductions and small talk as they get to know each other and discover how they know you. The reason everyone is in the same room!

Fear not! There are some really cool tricks to help get your guests talking to one another and engage in the entertainment you have organised.

Have variation in your entertainment

As a photographer I have discovered guests have much more fun and tend to engage with others more when there is something to do.

We were at a wedding and the garden games were a great way to entertain the entire party. They need no explaining and easy to start and get into. Once one person starts, everyone else wants to join in. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other.

One of the reasons we invested in the photo booth was the way it brings so much excitement and joy to people. Like the garden games, when one person investigates, it creates intrigue and everyone else follows.

We have found by having two different forms of entertainment, they go around a lot further creating much more fun and engagement for your guests.

Get to know your suppliers

I know this might sound daft but your suppliers will have a huge impact on how your guests feel and most importantly, how you feel.

I have heard far too many stories from couples about how they had a photographer who “took over” their wedding day or the photographs weren’t what they were hoping for. And how the staff at their venue look bored which then reflects on how you feel.

We all smile in the same language and good manners cost nothing.

If you have an unengaged team member keeping an eye on the photo booth, your guests are less likely to get the full excitement and joy from it. We specifically choose based on personality who we send to be with the Photo Booth to ensure they are engaging. They bring fun and excitement. Make sure your guests dress up and use props. Do fun poses. They will do the poses with them so they can see how totally normal it is.

Take your time to get the right people at your wedding. Remember it’s the people who are there that make it special.

Give your guests something to take away

Guests LOVE gifts. They love to have something to remember your special day by.

I have photographs on my fridge from photo booths at weddings I’ve been to from years ago. The best thing about them is I look back and remember the moment the photographs were taken, remember who I was with, how much fun I had.

Just think, all your guests will have the pleasure of this with an instant print out at your wedding and will look back on it everyday and remember how awesome your wedding was! Some of your guests may end up with 5 print outs! And if you choose to get a guestbook, you will even have an instant book to look through the next day and can take it away with you on your honeymoon looking back at what an awesome unforgettable day everyone has had.

If you’re interested in photography or a photo booth, send us an email:

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