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3 ways to keep you guests entertained all day

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

You have just had your beautiful ceremony, you’re married!

You and your partner will be busy with your photographer for up to 2 hours as your guests grab their reception drinks. They aren’t involved in this part of the day while all the formalities of photographs are being done. You have thoroughly thought through the table plan as well as you could do but there will always be the awkward introducing moments as not everyone on the table will know each other.

Your guests are just sat at the tables, getting their bearings and thinking about a topic to talk to the others about. They feel awkward and they aren’t really laughing, or having much fun. Now you don’t really want your guests bored all day do you? This is what you can do…

Let the MAGIC in!

So your guests are all at their tables, waiting for the food to come and you can see the boredom take over. They haven’t got anything to do, they would rather look at their phones than talk to the other people on the table. They will not remember your wedding, you start to panic to yourself. you don't want to remembered as the one with the boring wedding!

This is until the magician you hired comes to their table. As the magician pulls a card from uncle Tim’s blazer pocket everyone on that table claps and cheers in amazement.

Suddenly each of the other tables look up and they can not wait until they see what the magician brings to their table. Will it be tearing up a £10 note then making it into a £20? These guests were just sat ready to have their free meal and go. The reaction of one table has brought them right back to room.

By going to one table the magician has sent excitement around the whole room. One table at time you will not only see, but hear the enjoyment come back to your wonderful wedding day. A magician that can do close up hand magic can go around the room and even while you have your photos taken they can be entertaining crowds at your reception.

When they move on to the next set of guests, the people they have just left will be amazed and will be talking and trying to work out how they did it!

The boredom has vanished up the magicians sleeve!

A fountain, but CHOCOLATE

So the magician has gone. You can see some people are still excited about it, they are having fun now and certainly aren’t bored. However a lot of people have started to slump again. Back to the same chair. Their faces straight and they keep going back to their watch. Bring out the chocolate fountain!

The melted chocolate sends out a delicious smell luring everyone over. With the amount of selection to dunk into the chocolate fountain your guests will be there for a while, marshmallows and strawberries is always a top favourite though. But really people will not go for the simple things.

There are always people at weddings that think chocolate goes well with EVERYTHING! They just need a little bit of imagination.

Your guests will be walking around with chocolate coated cheese. As always the younger children will dunk their hands in, but it might not stop there. The desire to put out mouths under the running chocolate may be enough for us as adults to control. The kids will be trying to get as much chocolate as they possibly can.

As the children, and maybe adult guests, walk away from the chocolate fountain with their fingers covered and needing to clean the sides of their mouths, they will be glad to have come. If the chocolate fountain is flowing all night then your guests will keep going back to it.

The boredom has melted away!

Not just any PHOTO BOOTH

Rewind to the photographer taking your photos. The guests are bored. Some of these guests wont be in any of the photos with the you. What have they got to do? Nothing. which leads to, yes, boredom. There is a way to give them something to do and capture their photos too! A Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth means your guests will be doing their own group photos. They will be pulling funny faces, get into silly poses and just be having fun! Everyone that is waiting to use the Magic Mirror will be watching, and they will be laughing with the guests in front of the Magic Mirror, then it is their turn. When they get the prints the laughter will continue.

So now your guest has a print out of that group, but they will keep finding new groups to get more pictures with. Every guest that uses the Magic Mirror will be doing the same. Now you have given something your guests to go while you get your photos taken and the will love it!

Don’t let the fun stop there though. The Magic Mirror is a continuous WOW throughout the entire wedding. Guests will continue to use the Magic Mirror. During our time at weddings we see have seen the same guests come back time and time again, even with the same group, to get more photos!

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth has mirrored the entertainment you want!

Bye bye boredom!

The idea that people will be bored at your wedding is something that a lot of brides and grooms fear. Worrying about it can make the planning stressful, but know you know steps to take and now your guests wont be bored!

The Magician can go to tables and create excitement for the rest of the room. Leaving each guest that they visit amazed and wondering how did they do that!

The chocolate fountain will bring out peoples imagination, all indulging in melted chocolate.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth will entertain every one of your guests for hours of endless fun.

Now, make sure you enjoy your wedding and know that your guests will also have a fantastic time at your wedding!

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