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Tips For Keeping Kids Happy At Weddings

If you are attending a wedding with young children this summer, you might be having a few jitters about how your little darlings will behave! Let’s face it, weddings can be pretty dull affairs for small children, especially if not much thought has gone into their needs. Here are some tips to help you all have a stress-free time.

Bring some quiet toys for the ceremony

Toddlers simply don’t have the powers of concentration to sit through long ceremonies or speeches, and it is unfair to expect them to keep completely still and silent if things are dragging on. Have some emergency ‘fidget toys’ on hand to give out when you sense they are becoming restless.

Of course, they should be silent toys that your child can play with discreetly, such as stress relief balls, silly putty, puzzle cubes, and so on. Slightly older children may enjoy colouring in books or wordsearches.

Have some emergency sweets to hand

While bribing children with sweets is not usually to be recommended, sometimes a bored hungry child may be kept quiet and happy with a few treats! Some emergency savoury snacks might also be a useful idea if your child is a fussy eater, and not happy with the wedding menu.

Give them chance to run off their energy

Once the ceremony is over, find some outdoor space and let them have some time to run around and let off some steam. Many wedding venues will now lay on fun activities for kids, such as bouncy castles, giant board games, treasure hunts, and so on.

Let tinies have a nap time

Look out for signs of overtiredness in small children, such as hyperactivity, tantrums, clinginess, and face rubbing. The noisy unfamiliar environment can be tough for little ones, so if possible, find a quiet corner for them to have some time out.

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