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2022 Wedding Must-Haves

Wedding planning is constantly changing, with brides and grooms being far less focused on traditions these days than their parents probably were. That being said, if you’re being bombarded with advice from the older generation, do you know how to organise your Big Day for the 21st Century?

1) Fun over function

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you turned up at a wedding and appreciated how co-ordinated the table centrepieces were, that the choice of flowers were symbolic, or different members of the family were represented in the ceremony? Guests are most interested in the fun aspect of a wedding – the food, drink, and evening reception.

Make sure your loved ones don’t get bored by hiring a band or DJ, keeping them well fed and watered, and booking a photo booth for some hilarious memories of your guests having the time of their lives.

2) Websites over wedding stationery

Wedding stationery can cost a bomb, so ditch it altogether. Send a Save the Date card out with a QR code that can be scanned to reveal a website with all the relevant information guests will need – the timings, location, map, nearest hotels, taxi firms and gift registry information.

Life Hacker recommends making a site “so thorough that no-one would ever need to ask a question”, so you can avoid unnecessary phone calls from long lost relatives for the next few months.

3) Covid-19 rules over carelessness

Nothing says a 2022 wedding without some reference to Covid-19 so make sure you clearly state your expectations about how guests should act before, during and after the event. Say if you would like everyone to take a lateral flow test beforehand, what your vaccine requirements are, and where the nearest testing sites are located, reminding them under what conditions they should get a PCR.

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