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Don't let the rain dampen your wedding day

Every bride dreams of her wedding being in the bright sunshine with the heat of the sun blessing their day. The weather is not always kind. With heavy wind and rain storms becoming more frequent it ruins wedding days!

Guests can not get outside to enjoy the grounds that your venue provides. That amazing firework display that you spent so much time on, getting it all to match with your music, well that may not happen because of the high winds.

Everything you planned was for outside, weather depending, and now you can not use any of it. So there must be some ways to save your wedding day from the rain, and here they are.


So everyone is stuck indoors. Nothing to do because the bouncy assault course is outside in the rain. People want to be entertained. So entertain them inside with a little bit of Las Vegas. There are so many types of casino tables available now from poker to black jack. Having just one of them brings a lot of attention away from the rain.

Providing your guests with 200 chips to play with on entry, (no real money will be used) they will be at the black jack table trying to turn the 200 into 300 and so on. You can dress this up to an extravagant full Las Vegas experience or have it as an exclusive club, give all of your guests the real V.I.P treatment.

Your V.I.P guests will not want to leave the casino room from all the fun they are going to have winning more chips. To make it worth more add a prize at the end anything from a free bottle of wine to a t-shirt designed by you.


Not all of your guests will have brought a raincoat, and these people will not want to get their suits or dresses wet, meaning they have to stay in their wet clothes for the rest of the day. With the rain pouring down on your wedding day it is easy to forget that we deal with this every day. We use an umbrella.

The trouble is some umbrellas are not suitable for weddings, so you may not want to ruin the look of your wedding with ugly umbrellas. You can however have umbrellas that have a personalised touch to them.

Whether that is with a message of your choice, or just a symbol. You can even provide an umbrella for each of your guests to take away with them. (A fantastic wedding favour too)!

With your white wedding a plain white umbrella, with the personalisation you chose earlier, will keep up the consistency and do the great job of keeping you dry.

Your white umbrellas will be a reminder of the theme of day rather than the weather they helped protect you from.


With your guests choosing to stay indoors, the music becomes even more important. With everyone in the indoor areas of the venue there may be no escaping from the cheesy music wherever they go.

Although cheesy music is a must have at weddings, too much of it would be worse that standing out in the rain. People want a mixture of cheese and really good songs that are easy to dance to.

Getting the music right can be easy, when you send your invites, with the RSVP ask your guests to provide a please play, give them the option to request a song.

This way you will find a good mix. What you will also achieve is that when people hear their requested song they will get on the dance floor and dance, surely bringing all their friends and anyone else they can get to join them. The more time spent on the dance floor the less time worrying about whats going on outside.

Wether you have got a DJ or a live band for your wedding music it is definitely worth having a chat with them about the type of music you like to ensure you hear the songs you enjoy. If you have booked, or would like a live band just ask them questions about how they can help get people onto the dance floor. The live bands will not always be able to learn upwards of 100 new songs.

The charisma and voice of the lead singing will draw people from to come and listen to them, even when they aren’t dancing to them.


It's important to work with your photographer before your actual wedding day to decide where you'd like your photographs taken around the venue. Make sure you also have a backup plan for indoors incase it rains. Always hope for the best and plan for the worst. Usually you planned for the vast majority of photos to be taken outside, planning on having the background of the lake or hills. The rain usually stops you from going outside and getting your dream photos.

However if you do decide to go outside, your photographer will be able to take some amazing photos in the rain. You often find that it can rain intermittently so you actually can get a better light for your photographs. Equally with the use of an umbrella you can create some really romantic effects. The photographer's equipment should be able to withstand the rain for the short while you are out getting the photos.

Some photographers actually secretly want it to rain. It brings it real emotion in the photos, you and your partner tend to cuddle closer to keep warm. You wouldn’t let the rain get in the way of one of the biggest days of your life. Just think of some of the best movie scene kisses, a lot of them take place in the rain. Own the rain and make the most of it, have fun and the right photographer will be able to capture that perfect photo for you.

So now you have that perfect photo, one that you didn’t think that you would ever want, you have a memory that you cherish because of the rain. The rain actually helped you get one the best photos of the entire day.


With the wet weather you may still feel that you still do not have enough entertainment value on the inside of the venue. Yes the music is going well and the casino table was great fun. The Magic Mirror Photo Booth and the team member will be the entertainment for the rest of the evening.

With the selection of props your guests will be dressing up in front of the Magic Mirror and having the perfect selfie taken for them. They will continue to gather up other guests, and even yourselves, to have more photos taken for them to take home.

The booth will entertain the guests, and if you decided to get a guestbook you can have an instant memory to take away with you that night. Have a look through the hilarious photographs and comments your guests all left for you about your perfect day.


Yes, there may be rain on your wedding day. But that is no reason to stress and worry. The right indoor add ons will help, like the casino table to add excitement to your wedding day.

Be prepared, and get personalised umbrellas so people still have the option to go outside.

Get the music right, making people want to stay inside and listen and dance the fabulous songs.

Work with your photographer to ensure you achieve all those fantastic photographs you are after.

Give them entertainment with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth which they can just keep going back to over and over again.

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