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The Resurgence Of The Photo Booth

A photo booth hire is a creative way to capture the emotions and memories of a wide range of events, from weddings to conferences to themed parties and everything in between.

With the 100th anniversary of the Photomaton rapidly approaching, it is fascinating to see how such a unique concept has survived and endured during an age when rapid advances in technology have rendered so many staples of the high street irrelevant.

For a time, it appeared that the photo booth would meet the same fate as the phone booth; some would be kept around for historic reasons or as a necessary service for taking ID pictures but the rest would slowly fade out of existence.

Instead, photo booths have had a huge resurgence and become a staple of a wide range of events.

To understand why the photo booth came back, we need to understand why it dwindled in popularity for a few years, and the main reason for that was the Polaroid.

The main reason a lot of people took photos in a booth for over half a century is that photography development was a slow, involved process that involved either having a special developing room available or taking the film to an expert who would develop them over a matter of weeks.

Photo booths, even at the very start developed pictures in minutes, and as a result, became essential not only for official purposes but also to capture moments and make memories in minutes.

The Polaroid camera made this far less necessary; you could take a picture with a portable camera and within minutes it would spit out a square photograph that would develop right before your eyes.

This, along with 1-hour photo shops that could develop a whole reel whilst you wait and eventually the rise of digital cameras threatened the concept of physical photographs completely.

However, one result of the switch to digital led to the rebirth of photo booths, using digital cameras, small photo printers and computer screens that allowed people to not only get a printed picture but also a digital album of shots as well, ensuring that mementoes of events would endure.

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