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4 Fun Photobooth Prop Ideas

An interactive photobooth is a must-have prop for a 2022 wedding, to capture those memorable moments from the big day. New generation booths can hold up to 18 people at a time, and provide multiple high-end photos every time. To make your occasion even more unique, you could also try out some of these fab photo prop ideas!

Confetti bowls

It’s an old idea but it’s a fun one! Add instant life and colour to a picture with a handful of colourful confetti. Place bowls at the entrance for guests to help themselves. Low cost and fuss-free, if a little bit messy!

Comedy masks

There’s plenty of party mask ideas you could try, from whole of face masks of celebrities, or famous historical characters. Even just playing around with retro looks from years gone by can provide hours of amusement. Some masks are cut out, so only the top or bottom half of the face is covered, which helps you to remember who was who!

Pet cardboard cut outs

It is unlikely you will have your favourite pet at the wedding, but in this era when our cats or dogs are a part of the family, it is a shame to leave them out! Why not have a blow-up cardboard cut made so that you can have them close to your heart on the big day. This idea also applies to any loved ones who can’t be there with you, of course.

Flower crowns

It wouldn’t be a wedding without flowers, and pretty floral crowns are a brilliant way to add a pop of colour to those photo booth moments. If you wanted to take the idea further, flower walls are another very popular background prop, which will really set off your guests’ outfits, and will look extra glam on all those social media posts.

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