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Are You Ready For The Big Wedding Weekend?

Wedding trends have evolved rapidly over the past couple of years, with the pandemic upending many traditional wedding ceremonies. Outdoor weddings, micro weddings, and even elopements have all taken a jump in popularity as people tried to find a way to wed amid the ever-changing rules and restrictions.

Now, it seems that the pendulum has swung the other way, and some people are deciding that bigger is better! Hitched reports that there has been a surge in the number of ‘wedding weekends.’

This is a three-day extravaganza, where guests gather at the venue for wine and champagne on the evening the wedding, stay for the big day, and then reconvene for brunch on the Sunday. Maybe after all those missed social occasions over the past two years, some couples are really in the mood to party!

Unusual wedding entertainments are also big news, with more live music bands, plus additional solo acts to keep the atmosphere going late into the evening. Wedding games and other novelty items, to make the big day as memorable for the guests as it is for the happy couple, are also gaining more interest.

As for wedding fashion, the publication is predicting a rather alarming 80s revival. This doesn’t have to mean giant flouncy dresses and huge shoulder pads, thank goodness! The modern take is sleeker and chicer, with just the right amount of drama. Think puff sleeves, bows, layered skirts, and delicate veils.

Another interesting trend is for gender neutral wedding parties. Traditional roles such as the female bridesmaids and maids of honour are being adapted to include any gender, in a way that more realistically reflects modern friendship groups. Traditional stag and hen dos are also evolving into more inclusive ‘sten dos’ in 2022.

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