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How To Ruin Your Sister’s Wedding

When it comes to trying to inject some humour into a wedding, it seems that a little can go a long way. One cautionary tale that was recently reported in the Mirror demonstrates the point only too well. The sister of the bride pulled a wedding day prank that the guests, and most of all the bride, failed to see the funny side of.

The unnamed younger sister of the bride shared her ‘joke’ on an internet forum, explaining that although she wasn’t hugely close to her sister, she was happy for her, and there was no malicious intent behind her prank.

The troublemaking family member wrote: “So fast forward to the wedding ceremony, when the priest finally said “are there any objections” I stood up and said “I object.. (long pause) because this couple is way too cute for each other!” I really just said it as a joke.”

“I thought it was something we could all laugh about at reception. But I could visibly see the colour drain off my sister’s face the moment I stood up. After I finished my little joke I didn’t really get any laughs. My sister looked away, pretending that she didn’t care but I knew she probably did.”

Afterwards, the bride explained in no uncertain terms that the prank had spoiled her wedding day, and she was backed up by other family members and guests. A church minister later commented that the joke might have derailed the whole wedding, because in some places it is obligatory to investigate an objection, even one in jest.

There are some much better ways to introduce some fun into the wedding day, but it’s best to wait until the official ceremony is over and done with! Why not consider hiring a photo booth in Buckinghamshire, where you can take silly photos to your heart’s content, and you will definitely be able to laugh about it later!

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