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Unique And Unusual Photo Booth Ideas

The best way to create unforgettable memories and highlight a unique event is with a unique type of photo booth hire.

With more advanced technology, a photo booth is very different to the small booths you may be more familiar with for taking passport pictures. Some of them, such as the unique likes of the magic mirror, do not have a booth at all.

With that in mind, here are some of the most unique and unusual photo booth ideas we have seen from around the world.

3D Photo Booths

One of the most fascinating examples of a unique photo booth is Omote3D, which is not really a booth, nor do you get a photo at the end. Instead, the full-body scanner produces small, full-colour figures created using a 3D printer.

Whilst expensive and still pretty niche, there are few ways to make a more tactile impression and memory of an event.

GIF Booth

A GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, is a short animation made up of a few still images that can really capture the reaction of a moment and make for a great novelty, complete with captions, filters and added props.

One startup even tried to make these animated memories physical with the use of lenticular printing.


Japanese shorthand for ‘print club’, purikura is a wildly popular type of photo sticker booth that has been popular in Japan since the 1990s.

Much like other photo booth machines, they allow you to take a few pictures, but unlike passport photograph machines, they are designed to be both social and very fun, with image manipulation tools, effects, frames, decorations and touch screens to draw graffiti or text.

In Japan, it became so popular it led to the creation of mobile phones with front-facing cameras, creating the selfie we know and love today.

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